Effective bulimia treatment procedure

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Bulimia is kind of eating disorder mostly seen among women, which is characterized by eating a large amount of food in a very short period of time and after that forcibly getting rid of the body either by vomiting or use of laxatives and diuretic. Bulimia is hard to identify sometimes. Binge eating that is eating large amount of food in a very short time quite uncontrollably, regretting after eating like feeling guilty, trying to compensate after eating mainly by vomiting or fasting, having psychological disorder mainly from the fear of gaining weight etc are some of the symptoms of bulimia. Bulimia also causes tooth decay and other stomach problems as well. However, bulimia is curable if proper treatment is done. There are many specialized institution where Treatment for bulimia is done.

Bulimia treatment is often done under the supervision of clinical experts and specially equipped treatment centre. Any patient who wants to be cured can approach for assistance to these treatment centres where an initial assessment is done on the patient in a confidential manner. There are eating disorder experts, who conducts an initial questions and answers session and after all the formalities the patient is admitted in the treatment centre. After assessing the patient’s condition the schedule for the treatment of bulimia is prepared. To assist the female patient personally and helping them to feel comfortable female counselors and doctors are also present in the treatment centers. A complete medical examination is also conducted to determine the health status of the patient. To help the patient adapt to the new atmosphere of the Bulimia treatment centre, they are encouraged to interact with fellow women patients and share their experiences.

During the treatment for bulimia the patients are made to undergo regular workshops and specialized regime to forward the treatment process. Bulimia treatments processes like group therapy, body image groups, one to one therapy, nutritional education, preparation and consumption of meals in groups to enhance the bonding, 12 stage support groups, high monitored arrangements and outings to restaurant under the supervision of doctors is done. Under the various bulimia treatment women patients are also allowed to engage themselves in various outdoor activities and physical fitness regime to help them to refresh there mind, thereby helping them to progress with their normal course of therapeutic treatment. The disease can be cured easily if proper treatment for bulimia is done under the supervision of specialized doctors.

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